1. PeopleSoft Oracle Bug - "Data being added conflicts with existing data (18,2)" error on Career Portal.

  2. PeopleSoft - Application Data not saving correctly- LOSS of data (PS 8.9, 9.0, 9.1)

  3. 2013 Q1 Talemetry PeopleSoft Connector Release Notes

  4. The PeopleSoft Integration Log

  5. Link candidate profiles to their email responses so that you can go directly to their profile upon reading their response.

  6. Source & CRM Filters - Candidates in Job/Folder/Talent Network/Agency/Import

  7. Supported Boolean Operators

  8. reporting on candidate demographic data  ·  Under Review

  9. PeopleSoft: Adding Candidates to PeopleSoft (Add-ins, Workflow, Desktop Tools, Push to ATS)

  10. iRecruitment Talemetry Apply Integrator Integration Guide

  11. Bad data past into Broadcast, allow to city, state and country to be editable.  ·  Delivered

  12. PeopleSoft - Where do I find the PeopleSoft Logs?

  13. Increased Fidelity between Resume Content and Structured Data in ATS, RMS or Match.  ·  Declined

  14. Diff. Tool for Telemetry Configurations and other data items.  ·  Under Review

  15. Tutorial: Broadcast - New Broadcast Job

  16. Talemetry Apply: Virus Scanning

  17. Notify internal candidates when failed integration due to incorrect or missing data  ·  Under Review

  18. Tutorial: Broadcast - Update Broadcast Job

  19. Option to apply custom XSL to HR-XML SOAP response in Talemetry Apply to a Resume Processing Account  ·  Declined

  20. Talemetry Desktop Tools - Getting the most out of email processing

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