1. PeopleSoft Oracle Bug - "Data being added conflicts with existing data (18,2)" error on Career Portal.

  2. PeopleSoft - Application Data not saving correctly- LOSS of data (PS 8.9, 9.0, 9.1)

  3. 2013 Q1 Talemetry PeopleSoft Connector Release Notes

  4. The PeopleSoft Integration Log

  5. Source & CRM Filters - Candidates in Job/Folder/Talent Network/Agency/Import

  6. Link candidate profiles to their email responses so that you can go directly to their profile upon reading their response.

  7. reporting on candidate demographic data  ·  Under Review

  8. Supported Boolean Operators

  9. PeopleSoft: Adding Candidates to PeopleSoft (Add-ins, Workflow, Desktop Tools, Push to ATS)

  10. iRecruitment Talemetry Apply Integrator Integration Guide

  11. Bad data past into Broadcast, allow to city, state and country to be editable.  ·  Delivered

  12. PeopleSoft - Where do I find the PeopleSoft Logs?

  13. Increased Fidelity between Resume Content and Structured Data in ATS, RMS or Match.  ·  Declined

  14. Diff. Tool for Telemetry Configurations and other data items.  ·  Under Review

  15. Tutorial: Broadcast - New Broadcast Job

  16. Tutorial: Broadcast - Update Broadcast Job

  17. Talemetry Apply: Virus Scanning

  18. Notify internal candidates when failed integration due to incorrect or missing data  ·  Under Review

  19. Option to apply custom XSL to HR-XML SOAP response in Talemetry Apply to a Resume Processing Account  ·  Declined

  20. Talemetry Desktop Tools - Getting the most out of email processing

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