1. Link candidate profiles to their email responses so that you can go directly to their profile upon reading their response.

  2. Be able to go directly to the candidate profiles from the email reports - ie. see all candidates that opened that email.

  3. Export candidates to CSV  ·  Delivered

  4. Multiple ''from" email addresses to select from when sending email  ·  Delivered

  5. Job search agent in Career sites  ·  Delivered

  6. Ability to Get Email done from External System into Source/CRM  ·  Under Review

  7. Notify internal candidates when failed integration due to incorrect or missing data  ·  Under Review

  8. Run Larger OFCCP Reports  ·  Delivered

  9. Schedule campaign email  ·  Delivered

  10. Source/CRM filter to remove active applicants  ·  Delivered

  11. Broadcast - Ability to edit the salary range  ·  Delivered

  12. View all emails sent to candidates  ·  Delivered

  13. Display Filters when using Boolean mode  ·  Delivered

  14. Automatically Delete Inactive Candidate Records  ·  Under Review

  15. Add Job Title and Company Name Columns/fields to CSV import  ·  Delivered

  16. Similar how job pipeline information is visible on recruiter dashboards, we should see folder info/stats on dashboard.

  17. Scheduled weekly Talemetry report sent to me by email  ·  Planning

  18. Talemetry Profile can have an external URL link  ·  Delivered

  19. Job Lists - Ability to control access by user groups  ·  Under Review

  20. Ability to email resumes into Talemetry  ·  Delivered

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