Source & CRM Filters - Candidates in Job/Folder/Talent Network/Agency/Import

Business Problem

As a recruiter or sourcer
  • I am trying to build pipelines of candidates into folders. When doing searches I want to use members of a specific folder to make my new pipeline
  • I am sourcing for a job. I want to exclude candidates who are already in that job in Applied stage
  • I am sourcing for a similar job where I had candidates (including silver medalists). I want to find candidates from that job in my search
  • I want to find candidates on a job who have not applied

Feature Summary

There are 5 new filters in Source & CRM on the Talemetry Search Target or in Agency, Talent Network, Import, Folder, or Job Candidates. These new filters can be added using "+" button on the Filter card:

  • Candidates in Folder
  • Candidates in Job
  • Candidates in Talent Network (not available in Agency)
  • Candidates in Import (not available in Agency)
  • Candidates in Agency (not available in Source, Talent Network, Import)


Each filter has the same design:

  • Choose 1 or more talent lists - add "pills"
  • Type ahead to find the list by name (for Job: also by external id)
  • select a list (i.e. a folder, a job, a talent network, etc)
  • each list can be Required or Exclude
  • each list can be removed
  • Each filter has a "Stage" (optional)
  • default is "All Stages"
  • can select a single stage
  • stages shown are matched to that talent list type
  • stages is only shown if Stages is on for that Talent List type

If you choose more than one Folder, Job, etc, they are ALL required 

If you choose other folders, all conditions must be met (AND with other filters)

  • Example Queries

"Find Silver Medalists" - to invite them to apply for another similar job

  • In above example, candidates in result set match when Candidate is in Job I666 in Stage "Applied" - I can then run the query and perform actions (i.e. invite to apply, add to folder, add to another job, etc)

"Building Pipelines from my Folders" - Find Candidates in Specific Folder to build my Pipelines

  • In the above example, candidates in result set match when Candidate is in folder Pediatric ICU Nurse in any stage

"Source more candidates for a job" - Exclude Candidates who have already applied

  • In the above example, candidates in result set are NOT in Job 667 in stage applied. (i.e. candidates did not apply to Job 667)

"Building a Targeted Email Campaign" - Find candidates in Talent Network

  • In the above example, include candidates who are in my "Nursing Careers" talent network - to add to a folder or perform an action

"Building my Talent Network" - Don't invite people who are already in the Talent Network

  • In this example, exclude candidates who are already in my "Nursing Careers" talent network - so I can find new ones to invite to join talent network

Things to Remember

  • Candidates must match ALL criteria in the filter (i.e. must be in all Folders/Jobs and not in excluded Folders/Jobs)
  • Specific stages of a candidate are applied to specific talent lists.  Thus a candidate can be Stage1 in Job A and Stage2 in Job B
  • When you EXCLUDE from a folder/job, etc and include a Stage, you are excluding only candidates in that stage (i.e. Exclude Candidate from Folder A Stage 1 means that candidate in Folder A Stage 2 can be returned)


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