How do I search using a job description?

Question: How do I search using a job description?

To search by a job description, you would do the following:

1. Use the job title or a more generic version of the job title in the Job title box.  Using titles such as "Business Analyst" will provide better results then a job title such as "Business Analyst - APAC Region Level 3".  You want to ensure that the job title you are searching on is not too specific to your corporation.

2. Use the location filter according to the job description.  You can select one or more locations with a radial distance search based on your needs.

3. Enter keywords based on the key skills or competencies listed in the job description

4. Add any hard requirements based on the job such as a years of experience or education requirement.  Try not to add too many hard filters as you may filter out suitable candidates.

The search engine will then search through all your resume sources, ranking the candidates in order of relevance for those candidates that meet your hard filter requirements. 

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