The Job Search page's dropdowns for custom fields are not in a sorted order, how do we fix this?

Applies To:

Talemetry Career Sites
(PeopleSoft for List Sync) 


The dropdowns values on a Career Site are not in sorted order.


The order of the data in custom lists used by the Career Sites are displayed in the order the data is added.


You need to put them in sorted order. Also ensure the list isn't overwritten undoing the sorted-order, see below.

  1. Login to Talemetry as a User with Admin access to the Jobs Module. (Normally a Company Administrator.)
  2. Select the Admin Console and select the Applications tab, then Jobs, and then Fields.
  3. Select the Field, of type list, that you wish to put in order.
  4. Order the List Values. (Often the easiest way to do this is often to copy them into excel, sort the list and them copy them back replacing the existing list.)
  5. Click Update.

Please Note that if you have a process that updates lists, this process could update the list and overwrite the list.

PeopleSoft has a List Sync process for example. This process needs to be turned off. The consequence of this is new list data will not be syned over. (This does not include Job and Candidate Syncing.)
Instead one can run the process manually only when needed and then fix the list order after the List Sync process completes. 

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