What is a Talemetry User?

A Talemetry User is normally the end user account used by a recruiter, administrator or others to access Talemetry.
It can also be used by applications to access Talemetry.

The User Account is defined by a few key traits:

First name, Last Name and Email Address are required. The email address must be unique across the Talemetry system. Not only the company account. This means that demo company accounts must have unique email addresses.

The user has parameters that define its Role. The Role defines what Privileges the User has (i.e. what they can and cannot do). You can also define a Security Policy for a user other than the default Security Policy.

We recommend that you do not delete users but instead make the User Inactive.

All these settings can be found on the users edit page.

Go to "Users", select a User (or click "Add user") and then click Edit at the bottom Right.

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