What is a Talemetry Privilege?

Privileges is how defines what a User can and cannot do. Each User has one or more roles, and each Role grants one or more privileges.
Privileges are added on at the Module level. See the Module column to see which Privileges apply to which Module. For example you could add the Admin Privilege to Jobs only.
See Roles for information on Roles. 

One adds privileges to Roles to grant them additional abilities or removes them to take them away.

RecruiterAnalytic, Apply, Broadcast, SourceThis allows standard recruiter level access to the specific component. This differs by component but incorporates the standard functionality.
APIALLThis allows access to the Talemetry API. No access to the Talemetry website is granted.
AdminALLThis allows access to the Admin console for the specific component.
Content EditorConnect

This allows access to adding and modifying page content in Career Sites.

Desktop toolsSourceThis gives the User access to the Desktop Tools
Email allSourceThis allows for mass emailing from within Source.
Feature EditorConnect

This allows user to modify Career site features and can edit templates and liquid code.

ReportsBroadcast, Campaign, JobsThis allows you to run Reports specific to the Component.
Upload to ATSSourceThis allows the User to send an Applicant record details from Source to the ATS.
UserCampaign, JobsThis allows standard access to the functionality for each module.

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