Talemetry Add-ins, Turning on Logging for Troubleshooting Purposes

Logging is available for troubleshooting the Add-ins but it is not intended to leave on. Revert the setting after you are finished troubleshooting.

  1. The change needs to be done in the %AppData%\Talent Technology\EAMConfig.xml file. As you want to revert the settings when done it is good practice to backup this file before starting. You can then revert to this backup when done.
  2. Open the file and find the following XPATH:
    The string value is the directory in which the error log will appear. The string value "[ApplicationData]" is the "%AppData%\Talent Technology" folder.
  3. Edit the string to the folder location you want.
  4. Change the following XPATH value to "True". Ensure that "T" is capital (it is case sensitive).
  5. Save the EAMConfig.xml
  6. Restart the application running the Add-in and it should start generating a log.  
    Note: Ensure that the application stopped completely. Outlook for example will often run in the background when it's closed. We recommend checking the Task Manager that it's been stopped.
  7. You will now see a log file being generated in the folder that was defined and you can review it for clues to the problem you are troubleshooting.


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