2013 Q1 Talemetry PeopleSoft Connector Release Notes

The specific PeopleCode changes can be referenced by searching the Connector installation package for the reference id noted in the below items.  i.e. S6156, D6144

Talemetry UI in PSFT

  • Talemetry
  • Moved to a single installation package integration. (S3045)
  • Full UI Talemetry Configuration pages to manage product integrations including Talemetry Data Items configuration items to enable toggling of Apply vs Apply Social Apply Widget to allow customers to quickly disable if required. (S3374)
  • Talemetry Exception UI page to monitor incoming candidate PostCandidate traffic.
  • Configuration Page to manage various AutoReply email notifications
Data Integration into PSFT from Talemetry (Apply, Apply Social Media, Desktop Tools, Push to ATS, ApplyWorkflow)
  • Apply / Apply Social Media Widget
  • Added Parsing to main Talemetry integration package to create a single product Integration that is “plug & play” as needed.  (S3045, S3046)
  • Fixed an Oracle defect for parsing where the School was not being returned correctly if mapping existed with same school name, just different state/country.  Please refer to Oracle Support doc 1594524.1 detailed with the items in the References section BUG:17272763, NOTE:1396663.1 (S4740)
  • Modify parsing logic to create a date for PeopleSoft based on YYYY-MM, YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD.  (S4500)
  • Addressed some additional parsing Oracle peoplecode defects.
  • PostCandidate
  • Moved from using Oracle SendCandidate Webservice to Talemetry PostCandidate for posting Candidate data into PeopleSoft. (S3045, S3330)
  • Built in full candidate De-duplication processing on ALL candidate data submitted via PostCandidate service. (S3331, S3336)
  • Robust Exception and data processing handling for PostCandidate transactions on Talemetry Exceptions menu.  Links from Candidate PeopleSoft Manage Applicant record AND each transaction integration log. (S3902)
  • Changed logic for Load Resumes to use PostCandidate service for processing. (S3903)
  • Configurable Dynamic AutoReply to vary by user defined queries i.e. brands, companies, internal vs external, repeat applicant, etc (S4282, S3352)
  • New PSFT Integration XSL for Integrator (S3349)

Data Integration into Talemetry from PSFT (Jobs, Candidates, Lists, Users)

  • Job Sync
  • Additional fields added to support 150+ standard job fields for integration.
  • Candidate Sync
  • Additional fields added to support 100+ standard candidate fields for integration. (S3347)
  • List Sync
  • Additional lists added (S3351)
Minor processing and logic improvements

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