Talemetry Integrator config.properties File

The Integrator config.properties file contains default values. You may want to change these. It can be found in the Integrator install folder (Default: "C:\Program Files\TalentTech\Talemetry Integrator (Java)".)
Also, sometimes while troubleshooting, things are not where expected, we can look here to find what has been changed from their defaults.

The parameters are as follows:

  • framework.application.allowed.ip.1 - This is the allowed IP that can connect to the Web UI. It is normally locked down to only the host server. The value should be localhost.
  • framework.application.allowed.ip.# - Other servers can be listed in sequence. Replace the pound sign with a number and providing additional IPs.
  • framework.application.instance.key - A unique identifier identifying this instance of the Integrator. Don't change this.
  • framework.application.config.folder - This is the folder that the configuration file can be found in. Default is C:\TalemetryIntegratorStorage
  • framework.application.storage.folder - The Integrator Storage Folder. The default is C:\TalemetryIntegratorStorage. The Parameter is  framework.application.storage.folder.

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