PeopleSoft - Where do I find the PeopleSoft Logs?

Where to find the various PeopleSoft logs when troubleshooting integration issues:

  • Integration Log: This is the logs of all the Talemetry XML data exchanged.   It contains the vendor request/response and errors provided.
    It is located at 
    Set up HRMS > Product Related > Recruiting > Integration > Integration Log
    More on the Integration Log: The PeopleSoft Integration Log

  • Integration Broker Error Logs: This is the log of the integration gateway service communications.
    If there are proxy errors or communication issues where messaging gets logged here, this is the log to investigate.  
    NOTE:  <server> is the server:port of the Integration Gateway for the given environment.  
    This URL is case sensitive and is located at http://<server>:<port>/PSIGW/
    The URL may differ for some PeopleSoft configurations. Check the Gateway properties page for the path if it is unknown.

  • Application Server Logs: This is were processing errors can occur. Logs located on the app server at <PS_HOME>/appserv/<domain>/LOGS
    Please consult with your PS Admin for the exact location for your installation and if multiple application servers are used.

  • Process Monitor Log: Go to Main Menu > PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Process Monitor
    Find your Process and select the Message Log. You may need to click on View Log/Trace or "Explain" for more details.

  • Talemetry Exceptions Log: Candidates pushed into PeopleSoft from Talemetry Source/CRM, Apply Workflow or the Desktop tools will create records in this log.
    Processing decisions and any errors encountered generate entries. It is found at Main Menu > Talemetry > Talemetry Exceptions.  Search for the candidate id or datetimestamp.

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