PeopleSoft - Error "Highlighted fields are required. (15,30)"

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Talemetry Apply


This problem occurs in the PeopleSoft Career Portal.
Upon saving their candidate data, the applicant gets an error "Highlighted fields are required. (15,30)", yet there is no highlight field to indicate which field is required.
The problem is intermittent depending on the content of the resume and the Data Mapping configuration.

** Earlier patch levels of PSFT 9.1 did NOT have the "Please Update".  It was added to better indicate where data needs to be adjusted

Any unmapped values parse with a "missing value" or “Please Update” if you have patched your environment.  Candidate MUST fix required fields to progress. 

However if mapping is maintained (see solution below), next time through data will parse perfect.





This is the combination of two things:

1) Oracle does not throw a valuable error. It indicates that the field is Highlighted but it is not. 

2) A Required field has either not been populated or not been populated with a valid value. If the Career Portal has not been customized, this is the Degree Field.
An education record has been extracted but the value for Degree was either blank or not an unmapped value.


See the Data Mapping documentation to reduce the frequency of unmapped Degree data being parsed. See References Below.

There are significant known issues when the application is saved without correcting the required fields. Oracle has made great strides in better communicating with the candidate on identifying the required data to enter. Please refer to the ongoing discussions, patch listings for this topic on the Oracle support site Oracle Doc ID 817193.1. See

If you have customized the Career Portal making other fields required, other actions may be required.


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