PeopleSoft - Application Data not saving correctly- LOSS of data (PS 8.9, 9.0, 9.1)

Applies To:

Talemetry Apply

Data loss when Candidates save Application in Career Portal. Candidates get errors such as  'Highlighted fields are required'.

Example Scenario:

1. Create a resume file that has Work Experience but Job Title (or other key fields) is missing.
2. Applicant goes to Careers to apply for a job.
3. Upload the resume file created in (1).
4. Applicant's data is extracted from the resume file and populated into corresponding fields automatically.
5. Applicant receives 'Highlighted fields are required' message.
6. Click OK to ignore the message.
7. Applicant is able to submit application successfully. However, no row is inserted into HRS_APP_PROFILE and HRS_APP_RES.


Various Oracle Bugs. One is:

BUG 1955747000 - When applicant uploads a resume that has Key field value missing, no row is saved in HRS_APP_PROFILE

A summary case has been created within Oracle Support: Applicant Profile Data is Not Saving Into Record HRS_APP_PROFILE for Various Scenarios. [ID 817193.1]]


Portions are solved in every Bundle. It is highly recommended you keep your system update to date.

Note that we have code samples, if you are unable to apply the bundles, contact Support. They may be able to assist and allow you to patch the code yourself.

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