PeopleSoft Oracle Bug - "Data being added conflicts with existing data (18,2)" error on Career Portal.

Applies To:

Talemetry Apply/RMX Enterprise
PeopleSoft, Bundle 5 or earlier.


Applicants applying through the Career Portal get the following error. 


An Oracle Bug Resolved in Bundle 6. The error occurs when parsing Languages or Licenses.


1) Update to Bundle 6 or newer.

2) Modify your code to fix the Bug.

A single code line to fix the type resolves this problem.

Open Application Package PeopleCode:
Search for the string: 

&cprof.aCandItems [&x].FillRecordLanguage(&rs(1).HRS_APPITM01_VW);

replace the next line

&licnew = False;

with the following block (included commented original *Oracle Bug

/* TT-D6526 Start * Oracle Bug */
rem &licnew = False;
&lngnew = False;
/* TT-D6526 Eng * Oracle Bug */

Screen shot of end result


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