Semetric: Key file and folder locations.

First we want to know where Semetric is installed.
The Default location is C:\Program Files\Engenium\Semetric
This can be changed. Lets call this location [Install folder]

The Semetric Log file:
[Install folder]\logs\error.log

Configuration folder:
[Install folder]\conf

License File
[Install folder]\conf\license

Data Folder:
This depends on your configuration.
The default location is:
[Install folder]\data
Do you have an engine-config.xml file in the configuration folder? (This file is only supported in version 6.0+)
If so, open it up.
Each engine node represents a separate Semetric Thread that will have its own Data Folder.

The dir folder is one of the Data folders.
If it is a relative path, the path is relative to this folder:
[Install folder]\engines

If the engine-config.xml is not used, look for the file semetric.conf in the Configuration folder.
It will have a data-path variable. This is the path to the Data folder. If it is relative, it is relative to [Install folder]

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