What does "View" in Source Tracking mean for Emails?

Q: What is a "View" in the Source Tracking Report in the Email Source?  How does it compare to the Email Report "Click"?

A: The Source Tracking report is the same for all sources (email or job board)
- a View is when the candidate views the job.  If you have a Talemetry Career Site, then it when they view the Job in the Career Site.  If you do not have career sites but are using Talemetry Broadcast, then it is when the candidate is redirected to the Job in the ATS.
- an Apply Start is when they click on the "Apply Now" link on the job on the Talemetry Career Site.  If you have Talemetry Apply Workflow, then the application will start.  If you do not have the Apply Workflow then the candidate is redirected to the ATS Job page.
- an Apply Complete is when the candidate has completed the application in Talemetry Apply Workflow.

In the Email Report
- an Open means that the candidate who received the email has opened it in their email viewer.
- a Click means the candidate clicked on the link in the email and gets redirected to the configured job action (typically to the Career Site Job page).  

If your job email templates are set up correctly such that the main action link in the email is the job link, then typically the Email Report "Click" will also generate a Source Tracking "View" for the Email Source.

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