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What resume file formats are supported?

See: What are the supported file formats for extraction

I have received an email with the resume contents in the body of the email. Can I send that to Talemetry?

Yes. Talemetry can process a resume in the body of the email. If the contents of the email are a valid resume, then you will receive a confirmation to save or review the candidate.

I forwarded an email with both a resume attached and a resume in the body of the email. Talemetry only processed the attachment. What happened?

This is expected behaviour. Whenever an email has attachments, they are processed first. If Talemetry finds a valid resume in an attachment, it will not process the body of the email. The recommendation is to only do a resume body OR a resume attachment in a single email, not both.

I forwarded an email with a resume in the body of the email and Talemetry extracted my name and email address. What happened?

When the email body is processed by Talemetry that you forwarded, it is possible that your email footer or something else in the email was incorrectly extracted. The recommendation is to Cancel that candidate, then forward the email again to Talemetry after removing any extra information (like email footers).

How many files can I attach to an email and send to Talemetry?

There is no specific limit to the number of files to attach. However, there are some related limits:

  • The email cannot be bigger than 10MB in size
  • A single resume attachment cannot be bigger than 10MB in size to be processed by the resume extraction service

I have a zip file containing many resumes. Can I send that?

No. Talemetry email import is designed to work with single resume attachments. Talemetry can process a ZIP file, however only the 1st file in that zip will be processed. The recommendation is to unzip the files on your desktop, and attach the resumes individually to the email that you send to Talemetry.

I sent a resume to email desktop tools and I did not receive a response. What happened?

  • Check your spam folder. It is possible that the response went there
  • Add donotreply@resume.talemetry.com to your safe sender list and try again. This should keep items out of the spam folder.
  • It might be possible that donotreply@resume.talemetry.com is blocked by by your company's email system. Check with your IT department. If possible, add donotreply@resume.talemetry.com to a company-wide whitelist.
  • There could be a delay in the email. Be patient and check back
    • Delay could come from the sender side (i.e. delay in sending to Talemetry)
    • Delay on Talemetry's side (i.e. delay in receiving)
    • Delay or backlog in processing on the Talemetry side
    • A delay in the response email coming back (i.e. your email server delay).
  • The attachment or body wasn't recognized as a resume and therefore not processed
    • Talemetry attempts to identify and process every attachment of a valid file type.

    • If you send an email to the Email Import inbox with no valid attachments, or no resume in the body, you will receive a confirmation message that no valid resumes found

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