Talemetry Desktop Tools - Installing the Chrome Extension

Talemetry Desktop Tools are designed to help the recruiter take candidates they have found and get them into Talemetry.  The Chrome Extension helps the recruiter take candidates they find on the web from various places and get them into Talemetry.

For detailed system requirements, please check this article.

To Install the Chrome Extension

  • Make sure you are logged into Talemetry
  • Make sure you are using the Chrome browser with Talemetry
  • Go to your user Settings (in the top right hand corner of the Talemetry screen)
  • Go to Desktop Tools menu.  You will see 2 sections.  The first is "Desktop Tools Key" which you will need for later when you have finished installing your Chrome Extension.  The second is an area labelled "Browser Add-on".  NOTE: if you do not see this menu, please check the Tips and Tricks article

  • If your Chrome browser is supported, you will see a Download (Chrome) link.  Click on the download link.  This will take you to the Google Chrome App Store.  

  • Click on the "+Free" button to install in your browser.  When you install this successfully, the button will change to "Added", and there is now a new button (with the Talemetry logo) called "Add to Talemetry" on your browser.  There is no need to restart your browser.

  • When you find a resume on a website, and you click the "Add to Talemetry" button for the first time, you will may need to enter your Desktop Tools Plugin key. NOTE: if you are currently logged into Talemetry on Chrome, you will not see this screen.  
  • If you enter correctly, it will be validated and you can save.  
  • If not, you will see a red X and cannot save the key.  Please ensure you have copied the entire key into the box.
  • Save the key and you will be given a confirmation message.

The Chrome Extension has been installed!  You are now able to add candidates to Talemetry using the Chrome Extension.

Need Help or more information?

If you need additional help or information on the Chrome Extension or Desktop Tools, please see one of the following articles:

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