What do the email activities mean in the Email Report?

Q: What do the email activities mean in the email report (CSV column EmailActivity)?

A: When you send an email to candidates, we track the status of that email as it goes through a variety of steps.  Some of the email activity statuses are normal and others are exceptions. The following are the statuses that an email could have as it goes through Talemetry to the candidate:

1. Queued

The email has just been sent by the user and is in a queue to be sent to the candidates.  Typically the emails remain in this status for a short time.   In the "Candidate Email" column of the CSV report, it could contain one or more email addresses (comma separated) that are queued.

2. Sent

The email has been sent to our email to our email service and the email service will now attempt to deliver the email.

3. Processed

The email has been received and processed by the email service has been received and processed.  You should see one Processed record per individual email sent (i.e. where as Queued could be a single record for multiple emails)

4a. Dropped

This is the first of the possible negative/exception outcomes of delivering an email to a candidate.  There are a number of reasons your email will not even be sent to a recipient for delivery. The main reason is that the candidate has previously unsubscribed, detected as an invalid email format, detected as a non-existent email server, a known invalid email, or the email was detected by a spam checker.  The reason for the dropped status will be in the "Details" column of the CSV report.

4b. Deferred

When an email cannot immediately be delivered, but it hasn’t been completely rejected, then the email is marked as deferred. It is also known as a "soft bounce". Depending on the reason, we will continue to try for up to 30 times in up to 72 hours to deliver a deferred message.  If a reason for the deferred status is known you can see it in the "Details" column of the CSV report. 

If the candidate's email server cannot or will not deliver a message, we record a bounce event. Bounces often are caused by outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses. Many times you won’t know a bounced email address until it bounces.  We recommend reviewing the emails with bounce events to determine what to do next (i.e. remove candidate from consideration, contact candidate via another means, correct email).  The reason for the bounce status will be in the "Details" column of the CSV report (i.e. invalid email address, user no longer active, user over quota)

This is the positive and expected outcome from a successful delivery of an email.  This does not guarantee that the email was placed in the recipient’s inbox. A delivered email only means that the candidate's email server has received it.  You will see at most one delivered per individual email address.

5. Open

An opened email is the first step toward the action you want your candidate to take. We record this event when the email is opened in and HTML enabled email viewer and our tracking image is called.  It is possible that not all email viewers will trigger this event, or certain settings (such as blocking images or a plaintext email viewer) will not trigger this event.  Note that if the same recipient opens the email twice, we will record 2 separate open activities.

6. Click

The most important event happens when the candidate clicks on any URL link in the email.  When this is the Job link, then this "click" will be equivalent to the "View" event in the Source Tracking report.  However, if you have other configured links (like the main company website) those clicks will also be recorded.  We can show you what the link is that they clicked on (if there are multiple links in the email).  Each individual URL click will result in a click event recorded, even if they click on the same link twice.  The URL will be reported in the "Details" column of the CSV report.

7. Unsubscribe

One of the most important events is recorded when a candidate clicks on the unsubscribe link.  When this happens, we record the event to the email campaign that triggered the unsubscribe, and their name is added to the unsubscribe list.

8. Spam Report

This occurs when a recipient's email system reports your email as spam.  When this happens, all future emails to this recipient will be dropped (i.e. we will not even attempt to send it.

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