Talemetry Desktop Tools - Getting the Key

How can I get my Desktop Tools license key?

Answer: Normally you should not be required to get your Desktop Tools license key when you download and run the IE Plugin installer or install the Chrome Extension when you are logged into Talemetry from the browser.  But if you need to change it or reset it, you can get it from the following location:

  • When you are logged into Talemetry, go to your user Settings (located in top right of your browser under your name)

  • Go to the Desktop Tools menu item.  You will see a Desktop Tools key there.  Copy the key to your clipboard (ctrl+c)

  • If you need to reset the Desktop Tools key in the IE Plugin or Chrome Extension, click the "Add to Talemetry" button now.  Click on the "Settings icon" (looks like a gear)

  • Copy key from your clipboard (ctrl+v).  If the key is correct, you will see a green checkmark and you can click on the Save button to save they key.


You are now able to Add candidates to Talemetry with your IE Plugin or Chrome Extension.

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