Can I add new boards to Auto-broadcast?

Generally yes.  Most boards support some ability for Talemetry Broadcast to auto-broadcast jobs to them.  Auto-broadcast integrations, along with other types of integrations, will be considered and prioritized.

There are some guidelines which will help to determine if a job board can work with auto-broadcast:

  • The board must support unlimited agreements, or not have per-posting charges or limits
  • The board must have the ability to accept a feed of jobs (pickup or dropoff via FTP, HTTP, SOAP/REST or email)
  • The board must support a full feed type of system, whereby all active jobs are sent, inactive jobs are removed, and changed jobs are modified on the board.

If you want to activate a job board with auto-broadcast without a specific integration with Talemetry, there are a number of options:

  • RSS - Talemetry Broadcast has a job list RSS feed that can give a list of jobs to a job board.  This integration method may work if the job board can read an RSS feed to get jobs onto their job board.
  • Generic XML - Talemetry Broadcast has a job list generic XML feed that can be given to a job board.  If the job board can read the generic XML feed
  • Career Site Site Scraping - If you are using Talemetry Career Sites, then it may be possible for a job board to scrape the jobs from the Connect site.  There are a number of URLs that can be given to generate a list of jobs that match the criteria you need to send to a job board. 

If you are interested in having a specific board activated on auto-broadcast, please contact Talemetry Client Services.  

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