RMS Engine: Updating License Key

Steps to updating a license key


The license key is located at:

[Semetric Install Folder]\conf
It is called "license" without an extension.

Doing the following steps will cause the Semetric Service to be unavailable for a short period of time.
Depending on your architecture, this may cause momentary downtime as Semetric restarts.

After this, performance will be affected as the indexes are loaded into memory.
Semetric is an in-RAM database so the indexes are loaded into memory as needed for top performance.

This should only be momentary though indexes for a conceptual index for a million documents will be 1G so it could take some time depending on your HD's performance.  For high performing systems with smaller document sizes, the performance hit may not be noticeable.

1. Backup the old license key.
2. Replace the license key with new one provided.
3. Restart Semetric.
4. Test your application's conceptual search to ensure the update was successful.  
(You will notice the performance hit mentioned above.)

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