Tutorial: Broadcast - New Broadcast Job

Broadcast - New Broadcast Job

Prerequisites: You have configured Broadcast against a job list, you have jobs in the job list

Start At: Application Console - Broadcast

Audience: Recruiters

  1. First, choose a job list where you want to Broadcast a job to job boards.
  2. Click on New Broadcast Job
  3. Choose a specific job to Broadcast.  This job must notbe "Unbroadcast".  You can use the text box to narrow down or find a specific job by starting to type the job title or exteral ID.  After you select the job, click on the job.
  4. Next, you need to review the main information being sent to the Broadcast Engine (and to job boards).  For all descriptions, remember to use minimal HTML tags (such as b, u, i, ul,li)
    1. Job Title: You cannot change this value.  If this is not correct, you must correct the job (either in Talemetry if its not a feed, or from the source system)
    2. External IDYou cannot change this value.  If this is not correct, you must correct the job (either in Talemetry if its not a feed, or from the source system)
    3. ResponsibilitiesReview the main job description and make any changes needed.
    4. Skills: You can review or enter the Skills, which is used on some job boards.
    5. Header: Review the job description header, which is used on some job boards.  If you enter information here, this will be displayed on the job boards before the Job Description.  NOTE: this is limited to 1900 characters.
    6. Footer: You can review and enter the job footer information.  If you enter information here, this will be added at the end of the job description on the job boards.
    7. Job Category: If you want to override the default for the job, please choose the appropriate and "best fit" job category for the job.
    8. Apply URL: This is what a job board will redirect the candidate to when they want to apply for the job.  This is system generated based on the settings on the Job List.  You cannot change this value.
  5. If all of the above information is acceptable, click on "Save and Broadcast"
  6. You now interact with the Talemetry Broadcast engine.  If at any time you want to stop before finishing, click on the "X". 
    1. Step 1 - Choose one or more Boards. 
    2. Step 2 - Review fielded data, enter additional required and option fields.  NOTE: any fielded data that is passed from the Job in Talemetry to Broadcast will not be changeable.  
    3. Step 3 - Review summary of job posting .  
    4. Step 4.  Confirm Posting
  7. Now that you have completed the Broadcast Job, Click on the X to return to the Broadcast list.  Even  if you didn't complete successfully, you can click X and retry the Broadcast.
Congratulations!  You have Broadcast a new job to job boards.

Next Steps:
  • click on Status to see what boards this job is Broadcast to, any candidate interactions and expiry dates.
  • click on Update to change the job (modify the posting, add or remove job boards)
  • click on Unbroadcast to remove the job from the job boards.

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