RMS Engine: Misc Facts

RMX Engine Limitations

Max Fields per docset = 200
Max Docsets, consult our Services department when going over 50 DocSets.
Memory: 32-bit Windows OSs have a 2 Gig memory limit.  That is roughly 2 Million Documents.
This is a rough guideline and can vary greatly by DocSet design and number of indexes.
Monitor memory closely when approaching large numbers of Documents or conceptual indexes.
Consult Services for a more detailed discussion on memory usage.

Other Limitations

The Corba timeout can be changed.

The jacorb.properties file in the [Semetric Install]\conf folder governs the CORBA connection.
Edit this file at your own risk.
Please inform Services or Support when troubleshooting any related issues.
You want to change the line:
The value is in milliseconds.  Zero sets it to the default.  

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