What is Broadcast from a Job List?

Previously, Talemetry Broadcast supported each company to have a single job list to Broadcast from.

We now allow a company to configure their Broadcast settings on a list of jobs (rather than their whole company). This will allow a company to segment their jobs coming from their ATS -- by a tag, by a location, by a category, etc -- and then have different settings for Broadcast (i.e. different company/brand, different boards associated with that company/brand).  

With Broadcast from a Job List:

  • We can help you set up multiple job lists with appropriate Broadcast settings per list
  • For each list, you can set basic Company/Branding settings (we connect up your job board agreements and packages to this)
  • When a user is in Talemetry, they can choose a job list to Broadcast from.  Jobs broadcast from that list get the associated settings (packages, users, company information). 

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