What is Auto-Broadcast?

Auto-Broadcast is a feature in Talemetry Job Broadcast that supports the ability to publish all jobs from a job list automatically to job boards.

The main features are:

  • Create one or more list of jobs to use for Auto-Broadcast

  • For each list, configure your company settings (be sure to enter the Company Name as it should display on the board)
  • For each list, choose to broadcast each active job to one or more of the following boards:
    • Indeed (Corporate or Staffing)
    • Eluta (Canada)
    • Simply Hired (Canada or USA jobs only)
    • GlassDoor
    • Direct Employers
    • America's Job Exchange (requires an agreement with AJE)
    • Others TBD based on unique customer requirements
  • Configure publishing of your ATS URL to the job boards to direct candidates to view and apply to the job
    • The Apply URL that is typically from your ATS or ERP
    • The Talemetry URL, which is a generic landing page for the job in Talemetry
    • The Connect Site URL to the job in a specific Talemetry Career Site
    • NOTE: Job URL Tracking Parameters are BETA features with the Fall 2015 release and are not ready for implementation 

How does Auto-Broadcast work with the broadcast destinations?

  • Once you publish your job list to the destinations, typically overnight the job boards will pick up your jobs and display them on their website.
  • All active jobs from that job list will go to the selected broadcast destinations. 
  • If a job becomes archived or is no longer in that job list, then it will be automatically Unbroadcasted/removed from the auto-broadcast feed for each of the boards (which will then remove it from the board, typically overnight)

Implementation Notes:

  • Simply Hired will only support jobs that are in Canada or the USA.  Other jobs that are not in Canada or USA will not go to the feeds
  • Choose only one of the Indeed feeds
    • Corporate = the jobs on your feed are for your company or for direct company jobs (as may be offered via an RPO)
    • Staffing/Recruiting = the jobs on your feed are on behalf of a third party company and/or are offered from a staffing or a recruiting firm
  • We recommend making a dedicated job list that contains all of the jobs that you wish to Auto-Broadcast.  
  • If you have multiple company divisions or brands, you can make multiple lists with jobs that are auto-broadcast.  Be careful to not have the same job in multiple lists that are published to auto-broadcast.
  • America's Job Exchange will require you to have an active package/agreement with them, which we then configure and use in Auto-Broadcast
  • If a customer has unlimited job postings with a board, Talemetry can explore the option of enabling Auto-Broadcast if the vendor will accept a feed

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